I'm Prussia

I program stuff. I'm interested in cryptography + image manipulation + anti-copyright. Know Python, Node.js, Rust, and HTML, CSS, JS.


BMP Editor

CompletedSource CodeRust, Yew (WASM)

WASM website to edit .bmp files online, using my BMP-Rust library.

Arvald Economy Bot

CompletedSource CodeNode.js (discord.js)

An easily configurable discord economy bot.

Discord Bridge

CompletedSource CodeNode.js (with Discord.js and Express), HTML+CSS+JS

A simple bridge to Discord that includes a wikipedia skin.


CompletedSource CodePython (Flask), HTML+CSS+JS

This website! Includes freelancing portfolio and a TOR version of the site.

Banano Faucet

CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS, Node.js (Express.js)

The original version of my Banano faucet, used in over two dozen other faucets.


CompletedSource CodePython (PIL)

Python animation library, with frame by frame rendering.


CompletedSource CodePython

Python library that serves as a RPC wrapper and simplifies sending, receiving, and changing representative.

Music Box

CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS (with Crunker)

Create tunes using this tile based sequencer and download them as mp3 files! Alt link if title link is down.


CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS

A browser extension that allows users to tip banano crypto to website owners. Firefox download here, Chromium download here.

Faucet v2

CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS, Node.js (Express.js)

A complete rewrite of Banano Faucet, now supporting even more cryptocurrencies. Easily configurable, so anyone can run their own faucet. Made in cooperation with HalfBakedBread.

Random Map Generation

CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS (canvas)

Generates random tile map with terrain.


CompletedSource CodeHTML, Ruby (Sinatra, erb, chunky_png)

A database free text captcha that utilizes Salsa 20 symmetric encryption.

Markdown to HTML

CompletedSource CodeJavascript, HTML, CSS, Markdown

A site hosting tutorials written in Markdown, converting them to HTML.

Rust BMP

CompletedSource CodeRust

A cool library for reading and manipulating .bmp image files in pure rust, with zero dependencies.


CompletedJavascript, HTML, CSS

A cool little traffic simulator game using HTML Canvas built from scratch (no libs, no deps).

Banano NFT Client

CompletedSource CodeJavascript, HTML, CSS, Nodejs, Nunjucks

The NFT client for the Banano blockchain.

marvin's lajio

Completed (expect future changes)Source CodeJavascript, HTML, Encryption, IPFS

Web radio for a free internet!


CompletedSource CodeSolidity, HTML+CSS+JS

A dapp that allows people to draw on a shared canvas if they pay erc20 tokens.

Sliding Tiles

CompletedSource CodeTypescript, Canvas

Sliding Tiles is a puzzle game written in Typescript.

Muskets and Bayonets

In ProgressSource CodeJavascript, Canvas

WIP rts grand strategy game made with Nnom, no libraries used.


In ProgressSource CodeSvelte

Zutomayo concert thing.


Hire Me


Besides cryptography, image manipulation, and obviously programming, I like smart contracts and linux. Music wise, Zutomayo, Yorushika, and PSYQUI are pretty cool.

Unsolicited Thoughts: Styling

I personally like barebones looking websites, as you may be able to tell. I think the old, retro web looks pretty cool too. But for my more public facing stuff, I try and make it look nicer (eg: this site, and my freelancing site). I really don't like bootstrap for styling, but tailwind is fine I guess.

Unsolicited Thoughts: External Code

I prefer to not use libraries whenever possible, and write the code myself instead. For styling especially, I don't like using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind. Code bloat and not looking too generic is part of it, but there's real merit in writing your own code. Don't get me wrong - libraries are useful, and in many cases it's better to use one. But writing things from scratch is more fun.

Unsolicited Thoughts: Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has a pretty bad reputation. But there are real benefits. No government, corporation, or person can control your money. Decentralization is awesome. Centralized exchanges and smart contracts with freezing or revoking are really a step backwards though, in my opinion.

Unsolicited Thoughts: Documentation

Good documentation and examples really can make the difference between a great library/product and a bad one. Thank you for writing good docs!

Unsolicited Thoughts: Programming Languages

Writing Rust is pretty awesome. The type system, safety guarantees, options - everything is just amazing. Plus the docs are usually great. Javascript has a lot of flaws but at least it's easy to write and some of the quirks end up being useful. Typescript fixes most of those flaws, and is pretty fun to write. Python on the other hand, I don't like it. No type declaration, no braces, it's not so fun.

Unsolicited Thoughts: Ethereum Virtual Machine

Smart Contracts: Very Cool. Solidity: Very Cool. Gas Fees: Not Cool.

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