This is the GoBanMe documentation. GoBanMe is a browser extension that enables users to tip Banano, a feeless cryptocurrency, to website owners (and youtubers). It also has a feature to enqueue videos directly to JungleTV. It also has multiple metamasky features for interacting with websites. Below is the table of contents.

Table of Contents

User Guide

What is Banano?

Banano is a decentralized digital currency, also known as a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ether are other examples of cryptocurrencies. Banano is a fork (copy) of another cryptocurrency called Nano, and it inherits its features such as feeless, non energy intensive and quick transactions. It is also easy to aquire and has a friendly community. These inherited attributes make Banano an ideal tipping currency. If you want to know more you can visit Banano's website, discord or subreddit. If you want a general view of how cryptocurrencies work, this video is great.

Extension Install

For Mozilla Firefox users, the installation is easy! Simply click the link here, and click the big blue 'Add to Firefox' button. A popup will come up. Read it, and click 'Add'. Then the extension will be installed! Hurrah!

You can also install it in Google Chrome and other Chromium based browsers such as Microsoft Edge, simply go to the Chrome Webstore Download Page and add it.

How do I get a Seed?/What is a Seed?

The extension requires a seed to use. So what is a seed, and do you get it? First of all, a seed is a bunch of random bits that can generate private keys. It's a bit complex, so think of it as your password to your account, and never, ever show it to anyone, enter it anywhere you do not trust, or lose it. Best practice is to store it in a safe physical location, but if it's too much of a pain for you, at least write it down on your device's notepad or in another location you won't lose or forget. If someone else has your seed, they have control of all your funds. If you lose it, your funds are gone forever.

Ok, now how do you get one? The easiest way is going to and creating a new wallet. The site should give you a seed. If you already have a banano wallet, you should already have a seed. If not, your wallet may have a way to export your seed. It is also possible to programmatically generate a seed, use your nano seed, or use other sites to generate a seed.

Please feel free to ask people in the Banano discord or subreddit if you need further help.

I already have a seed with some funds. Should I the existing seed?

Even if you enter an existing seed with lots of funds, it should be safe and secure (only a version encrypted by your password is stored on your browser), but you shouldn't be risking the safety of your funds by blindly trusting some random extension, so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to GENERATE A NEW SEED and send some Bananos to it, instead of using your existing seed.

How do I get Banano?

Now that you have a seed, you need some banano to donate. You can get small amounts of free banano using faucets (faucets are websites that give you small amounts of cryptocurrency). Might I suggest mine? You can also participate in the banano community and you will likely recieve banano. In addition, you can buy banano from those who already have some, either through Peer to Peer trading or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Permissions Needed

Access your data for all websites (*://*/*)

This permissions sounds pretty scary, but don't worry, we only need this to access the website's banano.json file. The extension does not store or access any of your data or information or any data or information of any websites you accessed, and definetly does not send it anywhere outside your device. The extension is open source so you can check if yourself. I am working on a way to not need this permission.

Input data to the clipboard (clipboardWrite)

This permission is needed to copy the website's banano address to the clipboard. No clipboard data is stored or sent outside of the user's device. Currently only for the firefox extension.


This permission is needed to store an encrypted version of your seed (your seed is encrypted by your password).


A permission required to access the chromium scripting api, that allows the youtube to jtv feature to work. Only for the chromium extension.


Needed to access screen width and height. Only for the chromium extension.

Contributors Guide


Add GoBanMe to Website

Adding GoBanMe support your website is simple. Just add a JSON file named banano.json to the root of your website (, not The file should look like this:

{ "author":"", "description":"", "suggested_donation":"", "address": "" }

Everything should be a string and it is recommended that suggested_donation be a whole number.

Additionally, if you run a youtube channel, add a banano address to the description and GoBanMe will automatically detect it.

To use the window.banano features refer to the window.banano documentation.

Additional Help

If you need additional help you can join the discord server.

Report Bugs

If you find a bug, please create an issue in the github.

Request Features

Please create an issue in the github or join the discord server.