I'll make... Discord Bots

Beer Goggles Game Bot

A fun game using the new Discord bot interactions API. Made a NFT project on Algorand, and includes an internal currency system, role system, and NFT counter.

"Prussia helped me get my entire gameified Discord idea up and running. He started from scratch helping me create discord bots that would not only give out free tokens to players, but real NFTs on the Algorand blockchain as well, along with countless other operational commands and features. His understanding of how to get things done as a developer allow me to have crazy ideas -- and they actually work! He's super easy to work with as well, and has great ideas of his own. 10/10"

- Mayor, Beer Goggles NFT

Barrel O' Bananos

A Banano faucet meant for embedding in websites, made with extremely reponsive web design.

"I reached out to Prussia after encountering his work on other crypto faucets. I brought him my vision for a personalized, embeddable faucet widget to place in my web store—having virtually no programming knowledge myself. Prussia managed to realize my idea to a tee at an impressive pace, handling both frontend and backend work for the site, and guiding me along when necessary. I hope to cooperate with this highly capable individual again!"

- devin/makeanything, devinmontes.com

Arbitrum Nova Faucet

A faucet that gives out ETH on the Arbitrum Nova rollup to help users with gas fees.

"Prussia is a great guy, he has made the faucet I requested in less than a day and was very responsive to my requests. His prices are fantastic and he does the job very precisely and well. Highly recommended."

- u/hashzzz, novafaucet.com


A Discord bot that uses the seedfinder API to search for strains and breeders. Also functions as a Discord server bridge.

"I wasn't sure whether to transfer money to a stranger for a service that I couldn't 'Cashback' at first. You've shifted my perspective on individuals on the internet. For the past year and a half, you've been a business associate, helping me with my various demands on Discord. You have provided me with loyalty, trust, and prompt results since the beginning. All of the goods you've created for me have functioned flawlessly and are reasonably priced. I couldn't ask for a better associate!"

- Anthracite, Brothers in Farms

Reddit Banano Giveaway Bot

6 Reddit bots making reddit giveaways possible. Handled 50,000+ comments.

"The reddit bots which Prussia has developed does tasks no single group of humans would ever be able to do. He activates them and they will then continue to produce tens of thousands of comments without any issues at all. I highly recommend them as a tool which will enable your business to do bigger things in a fast, simple and reliable way."

- Linc Hamilton, Banano team

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Discord Arbitrum Testnet Faucet

Gives testnet ETH and USDC on Arbitrum Goerli testnet. Automated the tedious process of manually sending out funds to hundreds of members.

"Working with Prussia has been amazing, from the beginning to the end. I DMed him on telegram, and within minutes responded to my request. After that I explained to him what I needed, and they immediately got to work. I got everything I wanted, all done within 24hrs. Great service, and gave me exactly what I was looking for! Absolutely recommend!"

- Marcello, Bracket Labs


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