Welcome to my World Wide Web page!

Hola, I'm Prussia

I like programming. And websites.

Not sure what else to say here. Oh, this webpage is inspired by Windows NT and

Stuff I like:


Some songs I like

グラスとラムレーズン(Glass to Rum Raisin)

by Zutomayo

Some more by the same artist: "JK Bomber", "Inemuri Enseitai", "Samayoi Yoi Ondo", "Inner Heart"

五月は花緑青の窓辺から(Gogatsu wa Hanarokushou no Madobe kara)

by Yorushika

Some more by the same artist: "Robber and Bouquet", "Voice", "The Old Man and the Sea", "Hitchcock"


by Nishina

Some more by the same artist: "Ainikoi", "Tokyo Marble", "Kedamono no Friends", "Yoruninatte"

Don't You Want Me


Some more by the same artist: "Raise Your Hands", "Endroll", "Funk Assembly", "Education"

The Preacher and the Slave

performed by Utah Phillips

Some more by the same artist: "Bread and Roses", "Halleluja, I'm a Bum", "The Popular Wobbly", "Solidarity Forever"

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Programming stuff

My favourite language at the moment is Typescript or maybe Scheme, but I'm pretty familiar with Rust, Python, and obviously HTML/CSS/JS. I also know a bit of Ruby and Solidity.

Most of my projects can be found on my Github or the main page of my website. Check out mingde, which I was inspired to make after finishing this page.

For fun, here are some recreated Window NT programs:


Prussia's Terminal [version 0.4.2]

a joke about copyright here

type 'help' for help



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