sometimes i make stuff


bmp editor

source code rust (yew)

wasm website to edit .bmp files online, using my bmp-rust library


source code typescript (sveltekit), html+css

concert viewer and song info for zutomayo


source code python

python library that simplifies sending, receiving, changing representative, and wraps rpc calls

faucet v2

source code html+css+js, node.js (express.js)

easily configurable, complete rewrite of the old faucet, so anyone can run their own faucet. made with halfbakedbread


source code ruby (sinatra)

database-less text captcha made possible by utilizing symmetric encryption


source code solidity, html+css+js

dapp that allows people to draw on a shared canvas if they pay erc20 tokens to a contract


source code typescript, ryuji, html+css+js

static blog with original build system (saki) and templating language (ryuji)


source code rust

cool library for reading and manipulating .bmp image files in pure rust, with zero dependencies


source code typescript

desktop environment running in html canvas


source code typescript, ryuji, html+css+js

private media host on tor


source code html+css+js

browser extension that allows users to tip the banano cryptocurrency to website owners


source code typescript, html+css

markdown to html typescript library, and online web editor that includes editor warnings


source code html+css+js

cool little traffic simulator game built from scratch

sliding tiles

source code typescript

quick and original puzzle game

map generation

source code html+css+js

generates a random tile map with terrain

marvin's lajio

source code html+css+js

encrypt and decrypt audio on ipfs


source code javascript (sveltekit), html+tailwind

banano nft marketplace made with halfbakedbread

arvald discord bot

source code javascript (discord.js)

economy discord bot with all sorts of features


source code rust (

simple native desktop app to store, tag, and search bookmarks for websites


source code javascript, typescript

a powerful and extendable html canvas game engine used in many of my projects


things i like include but are not limited to:

my favourite programming language at the moment is typescript, but rust is also awesome. i also know python, html+css+js, and a little bit of ruby and solidity

oh, and you can see my freelancing portfolio (hire me?), retro os style personal website, and neglected blog