I'm Prussia

I program stuff. I'm interested in cryptography + image manipulation + anti-copyright. Know Python, Node.js, and HTML, CSS, JS. Learning Rust, Solidity, and Ruby.


Music Box

Completed (Maintained)Source CodeHTML+CSS+JS (with Crunker)

Create tunes using this tile based sequencer and download them as mp3 files! Alt link if title link is down.

Ascii Player

(Basically) CompletedSource CodeRust (native_windows_gui, img)

A windows app that converts images to ascii, and also lets you view them. You can also view ascii videos.

Discord Bridge

Completed (Maintained)Source CodeNode.js (with Discord.js and Express), HTML+CSS+JS

A simple bridge to Discord that includes a wikipedia skin. Alt link if title link is down.

Arvald Economy Bot

CompletedSource CodeNode.js (discord.js)

An easily configurable discord economy bot.

Banano Faucet

Completed (Maintained)Source CodeHTML+CSS+JS, Node.js (Express.js)

Free Banano for all. An easily configurable and forkable banano and nano faucet. Alt link if title link is down.


CompletedSource CodePython (Flask), HTML+CSS+JS

This website! Alt link if title link is down, but it probably isn't because your reading this right now.


In Progress (Working)Source CodePython (PIL)

Python animation library. Frame by frame rendering. Successor to Canvamation.


CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS

A browser extension that allows users to tip banano crypto to website owners. Firefox download here, Chromium download here.

Random Map Generation

CompletedSource CodeHTML+CSS+JS

Generates random tile map with terrain.

Hexagonal Minesweeper

Completed (Changes expected in future)Source CodeHTML+CSS+JS

The classic game of minesweeper made with a hexagonal map and no libraries.


Completed (Changes expected in future)Source CodeHTML, Ruby (Sinatra, erb, chunky_png)

A database free text captcha that utilizes Salsa 20 symmetric encryption.

Markdown to HTML

Completed (Changes expected in future)Source CodeJavascript, HTML, CSS, Markdown

A site hosting tutorials written in markdown, converting them to html. Pretty similar to Atom of Truth, an online newspaper template I created.


Completed (expect more)Javascript, HTML, CSS

A cool little traffic simulator game using HTML Canvas built from scratch (no libs, no deps).

Banano NFT Client

Completed (actively developing)Source CodeJavascript, HTML, CSS, Nodejs, Nunjucks

The NFT client for the Banano blockchain.

marvin's lajio

Completed (expect future changes)Source CodeJavascript, HTML, Encryption, IPFS

Web radio for a free internet!

Rust BMP

Completed (actively updating)Source CodeRust

A cool library for reading and manipulating .bmp image files in pure rust, with zero dependencies.

BMP Editor

In ProgressSource CodeRust, Yew (WASM)

WASM site to edit .bmp files, using my BMP-Rust library.

Muskets and Bayonets

In ProgressSource CodeJavascript, Canvas

WIP rts grand strategy game made with Nnom. No libraries, every line is original.

Hire Me

Check out what I've made in the past for clients. Reach out to me!


Prussia is a really nice guy, myself I didn't know much about coding and didn't know how to make a faucet.

I had been using his Banano faucet previously and reached out to him asking if he could make a faucet for me, he went above and beyond and I'm extremely happy with the results. He's been helpful and explained everything to me. As of now the announcement post is N°1 in Hot in r/Cryptocurrency with the comments on it being overwhelmingly positive, everyone I've talked to has mentioned him and his faucets in a positive light.

UnstoppableOnslaught, moonfaucet.cc

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